Staying up late could trigger cancer

Monday, July 18, 2011 ·

Steve Richard's research is reported by The Lancet Oncology (a medical journal) states, an association of cancer and staying up late. It is also revealed David Spiegel, MD., Which examined the sleep habits.

Two studies are equally conclude, if we do not meet enough sleep, can cause hormonal imbalances that affect the immune system, particularly on the development of damaged cells that should be destroyed by immune cells.

Penjabarannya like this, your metabolism increased in the morning and decrease at night. When someone "forced" to stay awake at night, his body will pump as much blood as possible and encourage the immune system to enhance the immune cells such as T cells (lymphocytes found in white blood cells) and CD4 (immune cell found in lymphocytes).

If this is done continuously, the cycle body is regulated by the brain's biological clock (circadian rhythms) will be reversed, ie from morning to afternoon to evening to morning. This allows the immune system is lowered in the morning where germs and carcinogenic materials scattered in the air due to changes in temperature and wind. And that's when cancer cells undermine the body.

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